19. April 2009 · Comments Off on ‘Round Midnight · Categories: Opera, Ramble

I’ve been home since about 11:30. I’m wired. Annoyed. Frustrated. And yearning for a little chocolate.

The audience was quite enthusiastic, so I guess they must have enjoyed the opera. Standing O … and I’m not even sure when it began; seems as if it might have been prior to Carmen coming out for her bow …? It’s always great to see a happy audience!

Me? I hated my reeds. Every. Single. One. We’ve had a major change of weather, and all of my reeds were acting like rebellious teenagers; they would behave okay for a very short time and then surprise me with silence. Then they’d turn ugly, later turning back into something sweet, but not for long! Yeah. Just like a teenager. (Not that MY kids were that way, but I’ve heard stories.)

And I have to go back tomorrow and deal with these rebellious critters again. I can’t imagine I could put something new together by 3:00 tomorrow. Especially what with church before that, where we are not celebrating “real Easter” as some folks call tomorrow … oops, I mean today, don’t I?! (Sorry guys, but I’m not old enough to know when Jesus actually rose from the dead … wasn’t there to record the date. Good on you for your wisdom and all.)

Now I suppose I should crawl into bed, even though I really want to eat some chocolate … which appears to be nonexistent in this house. 🙁

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