“We went out for lunch at 11:30 ad then when I came back from lunch they weren’t letting us back in,” said bass violinist Dale Gosa with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra. Gosa was being allowed back in for a 2:30 p.m. rehearsal.

Call me stupid, but I hadn’t heard that before. So do you think they were referring to a double bass? I’m gonna guess so.

I read it here.


  1. Yeah, but most people don’t realize they’re viols, and wouldn’t know the difference. I mean, how many people say “violincello” or “pianoforte” for those instruments anymore?

  2. I don’t say “violincello” but I do write “vc” as a cue in my parts. & I thought a pianoforte was slightly different than our contemporary instruments. But what the heck do I know? I’m just a hautbois player.