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San Francisco Music Journal

(This is a new site to me.)

Side note: The review states there are three acts, and it may have seemed that way to some folks. There are actually four acts to Carmen, but OSJ does Acts Three and Four with no intermission, and places the third act’s entr’acte in between the two acts while the chorus changes costumes and the scene changes. (This is why we skip “my” entr’acte that usually falls before Act Four. We also cut the entr’acte to Act Two, which is my fave.) Confusing? Only because of how I try to explain it! Here, this’ll be clearer:

Act One
(nix entr’acte to Act Two)
Act Two
Act Three
entr’acte to Act Three
(nix entr’acte to Act Four)
Act Four

Now you’ve got it, right? More than you cared to. 😉

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