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used to listen to Hard Rock and was extremely wild, mischievous, energetic, and fun! Today I am more mature, I listen to softer music and I am more calm, laid back, carefree, and less energetic.

Now focus on music and setting the mood. Again, going back to the heavy rock, how does that make you feel when you listen to it? I can tell you based on experience that metal music gets my adrenaline rushing, my foot pounding, my head pulsing. It kicks me into overdrive! Now, how do you feel when you listen to light music? Let us go to the opposite side of the spectrum and use classical music as an example. If you are listening to a song composed by Beethoven, how do you feel? I am generally feeling very upper scale, sophisticated, makes me feel like learning, opening a book, become a better person. It puts me in a totally different mindset. What does it do for your mindset?

No, I’m really not going to comment. But I did laugh. 😉

Oh. I guess that’s sort of a comment, isn’t it?

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