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Half a century ago, most female musicians did not care about their appearance: what mattered was how they sounded. Indeed, a “high priestess” attitude seemed to be positively encouraged; anything visual was downplayed so that the music could sing out unimpeded.

The article suggests that female instrumentalists these days have to be thin and beautiful in order to make it. (Or at least that’s what my skimming says; I have to race off to symphony!)

So is it true? Are there any “plain Jane” sorts out there who are younger than fifty? I can’t think of any. But how surprising is this? Doesn’t shock me at all.

I don’t have time to go into this … nor do I want to at the moment. Too many other things to fret over. I guess, to me, it’s just not a big deal right now. Maybe it’s because I’m a fifty-two year old plain Jane who was never contemplating a solo career, and it’s not something I even worry about.


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  1. What, have you never seen a sitcom? It doesn’t really matter what the guy looks like (as long as he’s straight, anyhow), but the women have to be hot (and yet, somehow, matronly – although that’s less of a thing these days). Weren’t you raised with the same fully-coiffed-and-made-up moms touting cleaning products on TV as I was? Sheesh. How else could they pull in the old-bald-fat-guy demographic?

    Well, they could have the dad fix the toaster and complain about how the mom keeps pulling the plug out using the cord, I guess…