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Sometimes having a blog gets me free things. I’m not really into blogging for free things, and I honestly don’t need free stuff (aside from reeds, which I always need!), but if someone wants to send me something to read, listen to, or play (as in reeds … so far no oboes or English horns have arrived at my PO Box!) for review, I’m happy to do it. But I’m also busy, so I don’t get to things very quickly. So far I’ve only written one of my “non-reviews” (I call them that because, to be honest, I simply can’t call myself a reviewer) on a CD. I have two more CDs and two books sitting here. Sigh. Reviewers really do have to work!

I think reviewers have to think differently than I do. When I get something for free I automatically want to like it. I can’t help myself. I feel sort of obligated to like it. So I feel rotten when I don’t like something. How do reviewers do it, I wonder? Or maybe I’m the only one with this problem …?

Funny thing, too, is a book I recently received. It’s a small, gift-sized book of musical quotations. The publisher (self-published, I’m sure) wondered if I wanted to use it for my university classes. Hmmm. Methinks the publisher needed to do more research on this sort of thing! In addition, the book says no part of the book may be “reproduced in any form except for the inclusion of brief quotations in review without the express permission in writing from the publisher”. Um. Hello? These are quotes you can find anywhere. The pictures look to be stock images, and no credit is given to a photographer.

I’m going to skip reviewing this “book”. That’s my way of dealing with any guilt or feeling that I need to give a positive review. 🙂

The other book and the two CDs. Gotta get to them soon.

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