Our first concert for SSV is tonight. More information is found here. I do like the program, which I’ve mentioned before: Shostakovich Symphony #9, Shostakovich Piano Concerto #1 with Jon Kimura Parker, and Beethoven Symphony #4. The conductor for this set is Gregory Vajda, resident conductor of the Oregon Symphony.

Fairfax Symphony Music Director Finalist-Gregory Vajda Video:

Here’s Jon Kimura Parker not talking about the Shostakovich Piano Concerto (sorry, couldn’t find that):

I think, though, that we should do a humorous concert with this guy sometime. He obviously has a sense of humor (these are ads for Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival):

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  1. I blogged about Jon Kimura Parker being Laila Storch’s son in law a while ago. Laila is still very involved in the Orcas Island Music Festival, and that DVD has a lot of great stuff, including John Mack making a reed in 5 minutes or so.