San Francisco Opera has a job opening: Assistant to the Director of Artistic Administration.

Included in the requirements is this one:

At least three years increasingly responsible Outstanding grammar, spelling punctuation and editing skills.

Um. Say what?

Maybe I’m just an idiot, but it seems to me that that is a rather odd sentence and I can’t quite make sense of it. You?


  1. Maybe it’s a test?

  2. Oh that MUST be it! 😉

  3. Maybe the current assistant posted the requirements. Now we know why they’re advertising for a new one. (sorry, had to take a shot)

  4. Heh. Another good possibility, Janet! 🙂

  5. Maybe they should hire me since I spotted it so quickly …?!

  6. Just take out the word “Outstanding” and you can parse it…kinda…

    (Personally, my grammar skills are extremely responsible; not so much on the punctuating though.)

  7. The phrase “increasingly responsible” immediately followed by the captialized “Outstanding” is extremely odd.

    Poor grammar and misspellings, and the improper use of “its” and “it’s” are all pet peeves of mine. Sigh.

  8. I wonder if they’ve corrected it yet. (They get a notification, I’m sure, whenever a someone links to them.)

  9. My own biggest pet peeve grammar-wise is using “loose” for “lose” (admittedly an easy mistake to make, but still).

  10. it reads fine if you simply eliminate everything before “outstanding.”

  11. Yep, Gabrielle. But what does this say about them, eh? 😉