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Okay, I know I’m overly cautious sometimes. But I’ve also had to go back and remove some blog entries after rethinking the posts, and I’ve also wondered if some posts caused me to not be hired for jobs. Even now there are probably some posts that could anger someone enough to come back to haunt me, although I try awfully hard not to write anything like that. I’ve written before about keeping in mind that blog posts are like Worldwide Billboards, but I will remind readers again. And now, I have to add, the same goes for Facebook and Twitter.

True, only “friends” read your Facebook comments, and maybe no one has discovered that you’re on Twitter yet. But “friends” aren’t always truly friends, and things can be seen by someone that might cause you harm. If you “tweet” you know you’ll eventually get your name out there. It just happens. In addition, things change … friends become not-so-much-friends, and people you think you’ll never work with might become people who could help you get work eventually.

So think ahead!

I recently saw a Facebook comment about a conductor that I thought was somewhat inappropriate. Today I saw negative Facebook comment about another conductor. The person writing may find, someday, that one of those conductors is someone that could do the player some good. But if either of these conductors read the comments they just might not be so willing to be helpful.

Again, think ahead! Remember that anyone might read what you write. If you wouldn’t say it out loud, perhaps you want to rethink what you write. And if you think you are keeping your blog anonymous or private, even then you can be found out. Really. (I have, at this point, read four “anonymous” blogs that were easy for me to figure out. All four had information on them that could cause the bloggers harm.)

Okay. Lecture over. Please forgive the old lady hounding you. I really only mean it for your good. Honest and true! 🙂

(Side note: I don’t “friend” any of my own students, and don’t search out their blogs. I honestly don’t want to know if they are doing things that I find distasteful or illegal, and they all seem so darn quick to write about things like that. If I did know about certain things I would be unlikely to want to give recommendations or hire them for jobs. You know? So best that I remain ignorant. Of course sometimes it’s all rather obvious … sigh ….)

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