13. May 2009 · 3 comments · Categories: Quotes

There are only eight notes in an octave …

-Will Champion (of Coldplay)

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  1. Er, fail? Yes, fail.

    But now I’m not certain – is it more correct to say that there are two notes in an octave (well, they’d be the same note, kind of, so one?), or twelve (thirteen)? Apologies for the Western bias in this (blame J. S. Bach and his well-tempered thingie), but that’s my background.

    And I suppose the prefix of “oct” certainly implies eightness (eightitude? eightification?) so that’s somewhat of a mitigating factor.

  2. Yeah, I guess I should accept 8.

    But that’s his excuse if his song sounds like someone else’s? (I do think the lawsuit is silly, though.)

  3. Oh … but I do still prefer to include the half steps! So I want to say 13 – or 12 if we skip out on that second octave note. So there’s that.