14. May 2009 · 8 comments · Categories: Ramble

Recent headlines:

School orchestra nears crescendo

Haitink residency hits crescendo with Shostakovich

Digital music sales reach crescendo

Yeah, these bug me. But I can be easily bugged. You?


  1. Well, I was going to say no, since I’m not particularly bugged by these. But upon further reflection, yes I’m easily bugged, just by different things than you! 🙂

  2. patti with an i

    not easily bugged, just a stickler about language use and entirely with you on this one. i am all for innovation in its place, but the richness of any language is diluted when sloppiness or carelessness is allowed free rein. my pet peeves? “unique” in the company of any modifier (like “rather,” “somewhat,” and the worst of all, “truly.” “hopefully” when what is meant is “i hope.” and “literally” when what is meant is “figuratively.”
    have now tried those commas & periods both inside & outside the quotes and neither one looks right. excuse me while i go commune with strunk & white…

  3. What about your thoughts on capitalization, patti with an i?

    Sorry. I couldn’t resist. Or I chose not to. 😉

  4. Using musical terms in music-related headlines is almost impossible to resist.

    One of my particular pet peeves is the over-use of the phrase “hits a sour note”, usually referring to orchestra managements and musicians embroiled in contract negotiations — or anything negative connected with orchestras.

  5. Yep, Cameron. Sometimes, though, headlines really hit a high note. 😉

  6. patti with an i

    yeah, yeah… i was finally seduced by the no-caps siren song a few years back, but only for emails and comments like this. at the time, i was still dealing with that shoulder injury and typing mostly one-handed, so every keystroke was at a premium. now, i’ve gotten used to it, and i justify it by calling it my one feeble gesture in the direction of being “modern” (and it has the added benefit of appealing to my lazy side).

  7. Next thing ya know, Patti, you’ll be writing poetry, e e cummings style …?!