A pervasive thought is that if the source is online it may be treated with less respect than something in print. So endemic is this feeling in wired youth-culture that for some, illegally downloading software, pirating music and stealing intellectual property is no longer viewed for what it is — stealing.

And for anyone caught red-handed that claims innocence — or has the cheek to proclaim a high-minded purpose to deflect complete responsibility — the fact still remains; this is stealing.

You can read the above, and more and Bruce Hembd (yes, mbd … gee, Bruce, how do you pronounce that?)

I so appreciate Bruce’s two posts about this. Stealing is stealing. You can quote me on that. Or you can quote Bruce instead. Either way is okay. Just credit us, please. 😉

I’m so thankful that I don’t have to read concert reports or research papers. I don’t have to deal with plagiarism. I just teach oboe, and I haven’t, at least up until now, required any written work. It’s difficult for my students to do a lot of cheating when it comes to playing. They can lie about practicing, but I can almost always tell when they do that. I won’t allow copies to be used in lessons, so they also can’t get away with using illegal copies, and I’ve stopped loaning out my CDs because they too frequently came back damaged. If they copy illegally from other sources there’s not much I can do. But they certainly know how I feel about it.

I don’t know that there is anything on this blog that is actually worth stealing, but if anyone has taken things and used them as their own I haven’t a clue about it. I would hope that people would ask permission to use anything here, but since no one has asked … hmmm … well, I’m going to assume no one wants anything here.

I do always try to link and give credit to anything here … except for the BQODs and TQODs. I suppose I should rethink those. Truth be told, I didn’t want to link to some of those because I didn’t want to embarrass the writers. Perhaps I should stop posting the quotes instead. Thoughts? Is it illegal or unethical to post quotes anonymously? Oh dear. Now I’m going to feel guilty about these. Bruce HeMBD (grin) … thoughts?


  1. Yeah that last name — too many consonants in a row. I pronounce it as if the B is silent, as in “the tailor hemmed his customer’s pants.” I am learning on Facebook that almost everyone that I find with that odd name is a relative in one way or another.

    I once had an enterprising student find a key to my summer gig studio, and she let herself in at night. I had a crate of music in there which she diligently copied, without my knowledge.

    I wouldn’t have know this until she had the gall (or ignorance) to bring a photocopy to a lesson. My “property of” stamp has in the corner.

    When asked “what the ?!…” she replied that she thought I wouldn’t mind.

    That was an interesting lesson to say the least. She gave back the copy, but the counter on the festival xerox machine indicated that she may have copied my entire library. Turns out she was a very troubled student — from then on I was very cautious with her.

    An extreme case, but one I will never forget.

  2. As far as posting anonymous quotes — I think what you do is cool, sometimes hilarious. Probably better to do a “Dragnet” and keep them anonymous to protect the innocent.

    Or the ignorant. 😉

  3. horndog – are you related to Bonnie in Healdsburg, CA? There is some sort of church/family relationship there…she was in the same church as my aunt/uncle, or a friend of my grandmother’s, or something like that when I was a kid.

  4. No direct relation that I know of — but if her last name is Hembd, there is probably a connection somewhere. There a several clan-clusters steming from Minnesota, Florida and Texas.

  5. Thanks for answering the “how is it pronounced?” question, Bruce! I had been saying (in my head as I’d read your name) it like “hem + bed”. I’ll be sure and say it right (in my head) from now on. 😉

    OUCH regarding your former student. How can anyone think making copies is an okay thing to do? I’m completely puzzled by what some people now think is okay. I have some stories, but I think some of my readers would figure out who I’m talking about and I don’t want to go there.

    I do prefer to keep the “goofy” or “huh?” quotes anonymous. I don’t mean to be making fun of folks so much as just providing some light “huh humor”. One of the bloggers saw her own BQOD actually, and didn’t seem bothered, but more amused by getting a quote on the site. I really don’t like to do anything in a harsh or mean spirited way.