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My call for the rehearsal tonight was 7:30. I just assumed that the rehearsal began at 7:30, so I thought if I got into the church at 7:00 I could check out the nine reeds I had going to see which would be best in what I knew would be an boomy and probably echoey hall. Since I always allow even more time than necessary I got there at about 6:50. The conductor was surprised I was there that early. (Guess she’s not used to oboists!) I was surprised that they were rehearsing a piece before me, and the rehearsal was starting at 7:00. I was ever so thankful I was there ten minutes earlier than planned.

I had dipped the reeds in water before leaving home, and then placed them in my case in order, from easiest to hardest.

Typical: what I thought was the winning reed was at one end of the reed case and the actual winning reed was at the other end.

This “hall” (church) simply requires a reed with very little resistance. So there you go. Easy reed it is.

The rehearsal went fine … I think! With my left ear still not working there’s a bit of a question mark, but I do think it’s okay. Thing is, I asked a friend (the concertmaster) to let me know if things weren’t right, but of course we are friends and I’m guessing she is too darn kind to be brutal if necessary. Ah well. I will try to trust my instincts and say I think it’s okay.

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The oboist below moves quickly enough that the camera can’t keep up!

The not-really-Haydn Oboe Concerto, part 1 of the first movement:

Part 2 of the first movement:

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Interviewed 10 women w/ interesting hobbies-cheerleading, opera, oboe, acting, ballet, coaching softball. The actress may get the job.

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To Earle Dumler, who plays oboe and English horn with Los Angeles Opera, the sound is “mournful.” Dumler remembers the late actor-producer Michael Landon’s words to him at a Christmas party for TV’s “Little House on the Prairie,” on which he played for 11 years: “Earle, as long as they’re crying and dying, you’ll be working.”

This article is a really fun read.

It’s not without error, though:

On the other hand, there are, by general agreement, only two important oboe and English horn makers. As with Coke and Pepsi, you’re in one camp or the other. Dumler, Gilad and Horn play instruments made by Paul Laubin, a New Yorker whose father, Al, started the business. Elardo and Hove play Loree instruments, made in Paris.”

I play a Rigoutat. I had thought about replacing it once with a Loree, since all the “big guys” played a Loree. My colleagues sat out in the hall to listen to me play both in a blind test. My instrument won, hands down. I still play it, and I still love it. I know there are other makes that professional musicians use. It’s true, though, that Loree and Laubin are the most popular.

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I don’t watch Survivor. I saw part of an episode once and was simply confused about the whole thing and why anyone would enjoy it. But I don’t watch American Idol either. So I guess I just don’t get certain things that are popular. Because I’ve never been popular. Maybe that’s why I play oboe? But I just read this bio of one of the Survivor contestants:

Benjamin “Coach” Wade
Benjamin Wade is known by many names. As the head women?s soccer coach at the Southwest Baptist University in Missouri, he is called “Coach Wade,” but he also goes by “Maestro” due to role as an artistic director and conductor of a California symphony orchestra. A skilled musician, Benjamin was traveling the world playing the trumpet before most kids could even spell “trumpet”. To say that he is a Type A, Alpha male, who likes to control the environment around him, may just be an understatement. Coach’s dominant personality will be a force to be reckoned with in the game.

So of course this got me thinking. Greg Sandow has blogged about Classical Idol. And sure, why not?

But how about “Classical Survivor” too? Let’s see … so many possibilities. Use your imagination! Leave comments. Let’s get this show rolling!

Meanwhile, I just hope there aren’t any professional musicians on the island (they do this stuff on an island, right?) out to get a conductor, or Benjamin “Coach” Wade is in deep trouble!