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faux [foh]
artificial or imitation; fake

So is faux good? Maybe sometimes …? But an orchestra?

You can listen to the “fauxharmonic” yourself right here and decide for yourselves. (Some of the instruments don’t sound quite right, as you may notice.)

Oh, I just found some YouTube clips, so you can watch too:

Hmmm. A bit of Adagio for Strings in there. I’m sure it’s deliberate as it’s far too obvious not to be. Funny.

This next one sounds, at times, a bit like those old switched on Bach recordings or something … is that just my ear?:

These might be handy to work with, but musically it just doesn’t do it for me. I would think a conductor would get little satisfaction from it as well. It seems like it would be a faux experience only. It’s amazing to me, what technology can do, though. And it’s probably an ego trip for someone who could never actually get a real conducting experience. And no wrong notes, no missed attacks, no bloops … now that is truly a faux experience!

But the conductor can’t scowl at anyone either. Poor conductor.

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