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One of OHP’s many virtues is a simple scheme to provide 1,200 tickets free to anyone under 18. The breakdown of the statistics is interesting, if not altogether reassuring. In 2006, 28 per cent of the allocation went to under-12s, 28 per cent to 13- to 15-year-olds and 22 per cent to 16- to 18-year-olds (the remainder being taken up by accompanying parents, who also get in without charge). Last year, the figures stood at 40 per cent to the under-12s, 17 per cent to the 13 to 15 group and 10 per cent to the 16 to 18s. What this suggests to me is that more young children are being dragged along by their well-intentioned parents and fewer want to come of their own accord. My conclusion is that opera has less and less to say to teenagers: it remains an art form that people come to appreciate later in life, and it may be better just to accept this and stop trying to sell it to the young like a salutary dose of cod liver oil.

I read it here.

Hmmm. So fewer teenagers go. That sounds right to me; they are busier than younger kids, and they are deciding what they will do with their time. Does that mean that the ones that are going are having it forced on them? I kind of doubt it. (The article’s title is “Stop forcing opera on reluctant teenagers”.) Does it mean the younger ones don’t want to go, but are being forced to? Possibly. It doesn’t mean the younger ones won’t like it after they go, though.


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