PIPEDOWN has been formed to counter one of the under-recognised scourges of contemporary life: PIPED MUSIC.

Also called muzak, muzac, acoustic wallpaper, elevator music or canned music, piped music is made possible by systems which allow a constant supply throughout a building or other public place.

It is the misuse of this in public areas (and only this) which Pipedown has been formed to fight, encouraging and giving a voice to millions of people who hate piped music but at present often feel totally powerless to do anything about it.

The problem arises from piped music being widely considered an unmixed blessing. Silence -in shop, restaurant, railway station, swimming bath or other public place – seems to be anathema.

I read it here and I’m all for it. (This is a UK group; I’m not sure if they do anything here in the US.)

I am so tired of piped music. And these days, of course, we hear about classical music being used to rid areas of pesky teens. Sigh.

Silence is a nice thing. And it’s not like I don’t love music — you all know that I do!

“Piped water, piped oil, piped gas – but never piped music!” Stephen Fry


  1. If you click on “Supporters,” you’ll see that “There are sister branches in other countries, including Switzlerland, the USA and Germany.” 😀

  2. Oh gee … I didn’t even see that … and I did click on “Supporters” too.

    I think my bad left ear is causing me to not see things too. 😉

  3. I’m behind you! Piped music has created a total disrespect for jazz music (as well as classical music) among the public. It is so tough to be a musician in this day and age, and all this piped music, clutter of noise, creates this unconscious ignorance of the art within in music…. If you’re not in a rock band or on American Idol, you’re not recognized as a musician anymore…. oh I could go on and on…

  4. I’ve never really thought about “disrespect”, but certainly “disregard”. (Of course considering what they play much of the time it doesn’t deserve respect!)

    My bigger issues are that I would prefer to choose what I listen to, where I listen to it, and how loud I want it to be. Muzak isn’t about listening. I currently have an ear problem, and listening to music is difficult and quite frustrating. I at least want to have the ability to turn the music off! (I blogged once about wishing they handed out headphones and broadcast music wirelessly at stores so that those who want it could have it, but those of us who prefer silence can have that instead.)

    I actually do feel I get recognized as a musician, though. Where are you playing that causes you to feel this way? That would be quite sad.