Modern Oboes

Today, the demanding, hard-partying life of an oboe player is not for everyone. Potential oboe players should think long and hard about playing this instrument, especially girls, even though it is now quite socially acceptable for women to play the oboe (as long as it is not their primary source of income). Not everyone wants to put up with the extra mail, telephone calls, and daily interruptions from fanatical oboe fans and jealous bassoon players.

I can’t tell you how true this is. I’ve finally had to hire a secretary to answer my phone.

I read it at the uncyclopedia here.

Be sure and read about the “infamous oboe reed”.

Duh, of course we blame the reed. Because it’s always the reed’s fault. Really.


  1. …having a relatively unique perspective here, I have to say that it certainly can be the reed’s fault, and there’s no way to appreciate that unless you’ve been there. The reed makes a difference even just when practicing.

    And having said that, it goes without saying that one must take that into account if one plays the oboe.

    Which is really annoying. 🙂

  2. Oh it can definitely be the reed. I just crack up when we instinctively look at the reed after playing a wrong note.

    Notice I say “we” … I don’t want to be the only one …!