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There are numerous articles about the six finalists, as one would expect. I’ll post some quotes and links as I find ones that interest me.

Here is something about Mariangela Vacatello:

“I like to smile, but I never smile when I’m onstage,” Vacatello said Friday. “I’m surprised, too. My first time on stage, for three or four minutes when I was 5 years old, I never smiled. People are always talking about me, saying, ‘You have to smile.’ They know me. I am like this, [smiling broadly] but when I’m up there, there is something serious. I have fun when I play, but there is something serious. Sometimes I really try [to smile onstage], but I just can’t do it.”

But the smile always returns the moment she steps from the stage lights, as does the graciousness with backstage workers, film crews, journalists and fans.

“I’m serious when I’m in front of the music, but then I can laugh and talk,” she said.


I’m not at her level — wouldn’t dare suggest it — but yes, when we are working, we are working. Even light happy music requires concentration and work. I grow quite weary of people who suggest we should always be smiling.

Selection from her Final Recital:

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