… both my own season, and the much harder working pianists who participated in the Cliburn competition. Over and done. I’ll be back for next season. The Cliburn doesn’t return for four years.

Meanwhile, I was happy to see the results of the Cliburn, even if I hate seeing anyone lose at all, and I really don’t care for competition. I wish I could have seen the awards ceremony, even if I have read it wasn’t run terribly well. I just love watching the faces of winners. Maybe it’ll eventually be up at the webcast site. I wonder.

Here are the results, copied directly from the Cliburn site:

Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Gold Medalists (tie for first): Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii, 20 (Japan) and Mr. Haochen Zhang, 19 (China)

Silver Medalist: Ms. Yeol Eum Son, 23 (South Korea)

Finalists (in alphabetical order):
Mr. Evgeni Bozhanov, 25 (Bulgaria)
Ms. Mariangela Vacatello, 27 (Italy)
Ms. Di Wu, 24 (China)

The 2009 Competition was streamed live in its entirety from May 22 to June 7 at www.cliburn.tv. Pianist and arts advocate Jade Simmons hosted the webcast for the duration of the competition.

Twenty-nine pianists competed in the Preliminary Round; twelve competed in the Semifinal Round; and six vyed for top honors in the Final Round. All six finalists are receiving a prize package offering three years of managed concert tours at over $1,000,000 total value. Cliburn winners perform in hundreds of venues across the United States and abroad.

All pianists participating in the competition receive extraordinary media exposure on television, radio, and Internet broadcasts, as well as through commercial recordings and DVDs.

Me? I don’t have one rehearsal or performance scheduled until I work with Merola at the end of July and beginning of August. I’m hoping that between now and then I get some things accomplished around the house and in the studio.

● I’d like to work on our yard. Really. I just know it’s time to get to it; it doesn’t get done if no one works on it!

● I want to get reeds going for Cosi so that I’ll not have too much to worry about when the rehearsals start (famous last words, since the climate in SF is so different than here!).

● I plan to paint the living room, and at least the ceiling of our hallway.

So we’ll see how the plans go. One never knows ….


  1. Hi Patty – you HAVE to see the awards ceremony! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and even the long winded speeches, it added to the suspense. It was so exciting when they announced that no third place award was given. Check out Bob Schieffer’s speech and the award announcements. Be ready with a box of tissues. 🙂

  2. Is it at the site? I didn’t see it yet, but I do plan on watching if they put it up.

  3. hm, I don’t see it either. Hopefully soon.