10. June 2009 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

… whatever “normal” means, that is!

I woke up feeling much better. Whew! Food still tastes so-so, but at least it’s not like yesterday. I can move around without aching. And I can tell that today will be a much better day.

As to actual “normal” … I think I’m having to learn a new normal, considering my hearing. Since getting food poisoning my ear is misbehaving a bit more. I’m not sure what’s up with that, but the ringing is louder. At one point I had a big “uh-oh!” when I thought my right ear was starting to misbehave, but I think I was imagining that. Hope so.

Today I get to pick up my musician’s earplugs. Just in time for no work, wouldn’t you know? But at least I’ll have ’em when the next gig comes along!


  1. I just read your entry below about your g.i. blues – I had a bad 24 hours a couple of weeks ago, and some of our friends have had similar experiences. I’ve heard there’s a stomach virus going around these parts lately. Sorry you picked up on it!

  2. I’m fairly sure it was food poisoning. Gee, and the restaurant hasn’t returned my email. Oh well. I’m fine now. Sort of. Still dizzy. Still bothered by my ear. And a reed I thought was good cracked today. What’s with THAT?!