16. June 2009 · 5 comments · Categories: Ramble

I will just say one quick thing today. I’ll blog more later … probably sometime next week. But here you go:

A youth orchestra should consist of youths.

Really. And that’s all I’ll write for now.


  1. Agreed. As should youth theater.

    (Which, for the most part, appears to be the case. But I know of a recent youth theater production that had people well over 18 doing some pit-singing. Not cool.)

  2. I’ve heard of some youth orchestras using 30 to 40 year olds. I’m mystified!

  3. I would say that they should also perhaps play instruments normally found in an orchestra?

    The youth orchestra I’m in has a cut off limit of 25, which I think is fair enough as mainly what seems to happen is that wind players of the level of 18 year old string players are generally a few years older. Perhaps it’s due to starting later, or perhaps wind parts require more training/skill development than string parts.
    I don’t know – I’m just a string player.

  4. Up to 25 is fine, as long as they are still students. After that, I say nope … they don’t qualify.

  5. wow, odd… my youth orchestra was high school and under, aside from the conductor.