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Stanley Drucker was still a teenager when he joined the New York Philharmonic as a clarinetist in 1948. More than 10,000 concerts later, Drucker is now the longest serving member in the renowned symphony’s 167-year history. Named Principal Clarinet by conductor Leonard Bernstein in 1960, Drucker holds the Guinness World Record for the longest career of any clarinetist. On July 31, Drucker, now 80, will make his final appearance with the Philharmonic in Vail, Colo. He spoke with TIME about his career, the future of classical music and the performances he’ll always remember.

How amazing is this? That is one LONG tenure! RTWT

Now it is true that my professional career began when I was 18. But I’m no New York Philharmonic musician. Not even close. Handling that sort of pressure, and the amount of playing, for sixty years is beyond my comprehension!

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