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The thing is, the people who text, they don’t seem to understand that we can see you. If you really need to do that, why don’t you just leave?”

-Patti Lupone

Patti Lupone is on a mission to stop rude audience members. She is known for her outburst at the end of the run of Gypsy:

And now she did it again in Las Vegas. You can read about it here.

I may have blogged about this before (I’m too lazy to check). It seems to me that perhaps we now need people in the audience to call these rude audience members on things like this, so as not to cause the rest of the audience to have to deal with this, ruining the mood of the show and all that jazz. Perhaps having a few people facing the audience, with headsets on, who can then report anything they see to ushers or other hired folks who will pull the offending person out. I just hate seeing and hearing a performer out of character. Call me silly.

Yes, these things are distracting. From the stage, we see them. And sure, we should be able to perform even with distractions. We have to, in fact. But it’s probably time to call folks on this. Don’tcha think?

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