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According to a recipient of the email, the missive continued with details about NYCO’s proposals for revisions to the current contact with AGMA, including

a quarter of the chorus gone, all weekly soloists… fired, ten orchestra positions eliminated, all dancers and movement people fired, 4 weeks eliminated from the choristers pay, reduction in stage management staff, associate chorus completely eliminated, no health care for stage managers or [assistant directors], health care reduced for chorus and orchestra, no annual coverage of health care, only work weeks, overtime basically eliminated.


Is their orchestra a part of AGMA, then? Hmmm. I’m clueless, I know, but I just assumed they were in the AFofM.

10 orchestra positions eliminated? Yikes! I count 61 members of the orchestra on their roster. (Odd that they have more second violins than first, don’t you think?)

Anyway, things sure are sounding bleak for New York City Opera.

Their stark black & white site bothers my eyes, and when I clicked on a link that played a video it got very dim. Oh NYCO, are you aware of that? [pause to watch video until it froze] … so they are enlarging the orchestra pit but cutting the orchestra? Okay then. [Second watch of the video didn’t dim it. Odd.]

Ah well. I’m so weary of hearing about orchestras and opera companies struggling. But I guess it’s going to continue and we all just have to deal. Do support your local organizations!

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