29. June 2009 · Comments Off on Advice (that you already know!) · Categories: Ramble

I was just watching and listening to a video of a trio. (Don’t worry, readers, it’s no one who subscribes to this site.) The players are quite good. They are students at a music conservatory, so that usually means they had a bit ‘o talent! I can see and hear some issues, but I’m guessing many in the audience wouldn’t have known about the little bloop one player made if only he hadn’t shaken his head right after.

Never communicate an error to the audience. Ever. If they hear it, they hear it. If some don’t, why let them know?

I also think the oboist might have gotten some of the low notes had the oboe been held a bit closer to the body. But of course I’d need to try to reed to say for sure.

Just things you already know. But sometimes a reminder helps.

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