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I’m allowing myself a little leniency when it comes to Sunday Evening Music; it can be hymns or even (gasp!) some contemporary stuff I actually like. So you can choose to think (even) less of me if you like. I’m okay with that.

Here is the late Rich Mullins singing “The Color Green”.

Rich Mullins: The Color Green

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Henry Purcell: O God Thou Art My God

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There is a bird singing very loudly outside the family room. And it’s 4:15 AM. Silly bird should be sleeping!

And yes, I’m awake. I woke up because I had one of those scary dreams where I nearly wake crying.

I can’t remember all of the dream, but I know Dan and I were being pursued by people. We were good, they were bad. I think they were traitors of some sort. (It had nothing to do with the US though.) There was far too much about the dream to remember it, but I do remember that I watched a woman get killed, and this other guy and I (Dan and I had been separated somehow, and I was trying to reach him) were hiding in a car. The killer (another woman) then came to the car and shot at it from nearly every angle. Of course she missed us (good thing about dreams!). I knew who the traitors were — and now it gets even weirder — and they were some players from my symphony (not you, dk, and I can only remember one face). We drove away quickly as they disposed of the body, but of course they were chasing us. We ended up by the restaurant where Dan was eating, and he and I connected even though I was attempting to stay away from him to keep him safe.

The next thing I remember is that we were trying to get to Kelsey and Mel for a party they were having (don’t ask me what that was for, as I can’t remember), and then I saw some of the people chasing us and realized we couldn’t attend after all. So we ran back to the car, thinking we hadn’t been seen, but I hear a happy cry and it’s Kelsey running to us. I hug her, but whisper that we can’t stay, it wouldn’t be safe for her, and we are crying.

That’s when I wake up. But my brain is still racing as I’m trying to figure out how I can communicate with Kelsey without the pursuers knowing. I decide that I’ll pretend to find her on Facebook and message her with “This is your friend Cecilia and I’m so glad I found you!”

Okay. That’s it. I had to get out of bed because I was so shaken!

I blame all of this on Star Trek and Facebook. I am hoping that after writing about it I won’t be so shaky. I really love dreams, but I don’t like these ones that are like movies. It even had a soundtrack. Figures.

And now I’ll attempt to get back to sleep.

(Yes, this has little to do with music, but symphony members were involved, I think I had an oboe with me, and then there’s that soundtrack ….)

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How Are Classical Musical And Rock & Roll Music Alike?

They are formed from the same three ingedients:
Rhythm, Melody, Harmony.
Add timbe (tonal quality) to that. It is in tonal quality that they are the most different. Classical music strives for purity in tonal quality, whereas rock used a distorted (distortion, overdrive, etc) tonal pallet.

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Classical music is so very hott!
Speaking of which, I cannot wait to get the air conditioner moving. I think its broken.

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David Weiss is the former principal oboist of the LA Phil. He continues to play oboe, as you will see by the video at the bottom of this blog entry. But he is also known for his saw playing.

Hmmm. We are often sharp on oboe. He’s always sharp on the saw. See how awfully witty I can be?! Okay, don’t answer that. But just think, one doesn’t have to worry a bit about reeds with a saw. I wonder if you still have to worry about cutting yourself …?

David Weiss on saw:

Here’s Mr. Weiss playing oboe:

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Mr. Charnley will be retiring from the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra after their July 4 concert. Note the dog singing along; it seems as if the dog doesn’t like oboe, but what do I know?

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No, you can’t copy my CDs.

There, I’ve said it. I’ve tried to avoid the issue, tried to change the subject. I’ve made up too many excuses. But at this point I’m tired of being asked.

I hate to be a curmudgeon, hate to be uncool. I understand you’re broke. (So am I.) I know that I’ll still have my CDs, just as good as they were before, after you copy them.

I read it here.

I do think that things will change eventually, but while it is still against the law, and still stealing, I appreciate this person’s answer.

The same thing goes, in my world, with sheet music. I will not allow students to copy music. That’s called stealing too. Whether you agree with the law or not, I won’t be one to help you break it.

Why is it that some laws are “optional” to so many? I notice California’s cell phone law (hands free in a car) isn’t followed by everyone. And cigarette smokers seem to think “don’t litter” doesn’t apply to cigarette butts.

Yeah, I’m annoying this way.

Other ways too.

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… and who knew that the internet thought at all?

But here you go:

Negative: 11.8% 85 results
Positive: 88.1% 634 results
Don’t Care: 0.1% 1 results

I’m gonna have to search for that one who doesn’t care. 😉

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Although I quickly found classical music boring and the violin passé, I enjoyed learning about things like sharps and flats and quarter notes. And listening to the classical music we performed and the records our music teacher played helped me form, by the end of sixth grade, a theory of musical history that spanned the ages. It went something like this: Until rock ‘n’ roll came around, people all over the planet labored to create good music, and while all of them failed to produce anything exciting, credit should be given to all the musicians who preceded rock ‘n’ roll. After all, they made sure that music continued to exist until, finally, in the late ’60s, immortal musical icons like the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix delivered full-scale sonic annihilation, which was the apex of civilization. I didn’t have the vocabulary to articulate it quite like that, but basically that was what I thought.