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Thanks, Bruce, for putting this up at Facebook. (Sorry your blog is having issues, though.)

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But really … maybe the guy was just too darn warm?! Now I’m usually cold in a plane, but I suppose some people might not be like I am. (Although I can hardly imagine!)

She said the man was “completely naked” as he was taken in handcuffs off the plane.

As the plane took off again, Keegan said the usual announcement to please fasten your seat belts came over the loudspeakers with a twist.

The message included “a reminder to everybody to please keep your clothing on. It got a couple chuckles,” Keegan said.

I read it here, thanks to my sister sending me the link. 🙂

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(Thanks to Susan Spector, Perfect Pitch blogger, Metropolitan Opera orchestra oboist, and Mets fan, for alerting me to this one!)

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Playing, singing is not merely a matter of expertise […] the industry wants you to think that’s the case […] the real question is, “what do you have to say?” […] Your job is to keep people up at night.

I can’t listen and still type well or I’d get more down here. (I think I’ll look for a transcript of the speech.) For now, though, go here and listen to pianist and scholar Robert Levin speak at the 2009 Curtis commencement. It’s worth your time, I promise you.

“You have to make our art new. Without that renewal, it dies.”

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… for voice … by Danielle Licari who, it says on the YouTube page, was “known in Asia as the absolute queen of scat” …

… and she must have liked oboe literature:

J. S. Bach:

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I almost forgot! I’m getting braces today, and I have an oboe lesson in a few hours. Super fun!

(Gee, this tweet wouldn’t be sarcastic, would it?)

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Okay, I’ll just go hide now. When I was eleven I was just starting to play, if I have my dates right. This young girl is pretty darn good!

Vivaldi Oboe Concerto in C Major
Movements 1 & 2:

Movement 3:

I’m going to guess we’ll be hearing more of Song Hyun Jung!