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When I’m sitting at home tweeting or messaging or doing whatever it is I do on the computer, I feel fairly confident (unless someone writes and reprimands me for something I’ve written). I even feel somewhat extroverted. So I go ahead and say, “Let’s get together!” to people. Even if I’ve never met ’em.

Of course when it comes close to time to meet said people, I get nervous. I have “performer’s tummy” right now, because I am anxious. I’m about out the door to meet one person I’ve met several times (she found my blog and we communicated for a time and I gave her a few oboe lessons) as well as a clarinetist I “met” on Twitter. Both are young enough to be my children. Both are in music, so we do have that in common. But of course now I start thinking, “Ack! What are you doing?! You are old. They are young. You are goofy. They will probably be baffled by how you dress, what you say, and even how you eat.” But there you go. We set up plans. We are meeting for sushi and then going to hear Jeremy Denk play at the SF Symphony. He’s not all we’ll hear, of course, but I am pretty jazzed about getting to hear a blogger I’ve followed for quite some time. It’s an all Beethoven concert: Coriolan Overture, Piano Concerto No. 5, and Symphony No. 5, with James Gaffigan conducting. I’ll be curious to see what oboists are playing for a summer concert.

And now? … I’m off!

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