09. July 2009 · Comments Off on There’s Nothing To Hear · Categories: Ramble

I remember, and I’m sure I’ve blogged about this before, hearing a woman talk about bringing her grown son to an orchestra concert. He said it was enjoyable, but there was “nothing to see”.

I suggested he could have watched the orchestra members and conductor. I know that’s what most people tend to do. (I sometimes just close my eyes and listen.) It seems that watching the players could very well be “something to see”. But what do I know? And what’s so wrong with just listening?

Still, Dan was showing me something on the computer — maybe even one of his fabulous photos, but now I’m drawing a blank (hey, I’ve not finished my latté yet!) — and I wittingly responded to it by saying, “It’s nice, but there’s nothing to hear.”

Yep. I can be amazingly witty sometimes. 😉

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