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You can listen to the clip about flutist Tod Brody, or you can just read part of it.

Hey … he has an office! I want an office! Yeah, I have a studio, but how cool would it be to be in a different building that was an “office”. It might make it sound as if I had a real job, you know? And I’d love to say, “Meet me at my office,” or “I can’t chat right now; I have to get to the office.”

Listening to the segment I hear Michelle Caimotto as well — she plays in Symphony Silicon Valley, and also does a good amount of freelance work with the Big Guys up in San Francisco. The conductor interviewed, Mary Chung, conducted Opera San José some time in the past.

Most of us musicians can find links … less than six degrees of separation in most instances.

And yeah, we cobble together a career. But a lot of us manage to make it work.

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