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It’s scary to go out in front of a thousand people and put yourself on the line. Unless you know what it takes to do that night after night — not just in theory but in your blood and bones — your criticism is likely to be more idealistic than realistic.

The above quote is from an article by Terry Teachout. I know him via the blog About Last Night, and from there have read his reviews of theatre. Now he’s on the other side; he has written a libretto for the opera The Letter, and I’m assuming reviews will be out today for the Saturday opening night performance.

I’m curious if doing something like this opera will change the way he reviews. As he states in the article, he has been a professional musician, so perhaps he already understood the hurtfulness of a negative review. (Did he ever get reviewed, I wonder? Did he play in front of thousands? I don’t know that I’ve read much about his performing. Wanna fill us in, Terry?)

Another “must read” is his blog entry about opening night. To me it was one of the most real blog entries I’ve read … he sounded giddy and excited, much like I feel after having a very good night of performing. It made me smile.

I would have loved to have been able to get to Santa Fe. One of these years I will. But this year isn’t one for expenses like that; I’m sure everyone reading this is in the same boat. So I keep teaching, and this week I also start rehearsals for Cosi, and I’ll just have to read about The Letter … and hope that Santa Fe can post a clip if they are allowed to do such a thing.

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