03. August 2009 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

… yes, I’m playing around with the theme here. I tried a few others (Anyone here to catch them? They quickly left, so maybe not.) but things were cut off and I don’t want to have to go through every page I have and redo things right now. Maybe later … we’ll see.

So for now I’m totally boring. I’ve merely switched the pattyo and oboeinsight themes.


Oh well. Better than nothing! Maybe.


  1. The greens aren’t bad. But do you have a variegated option? Seems to be all the rage with thread nowadays.

  2. Heh … I have other options, but the one I WANT to use will take a whole lot more work figuring out where everything will go … I tried it for a short while, so maybe you even saw it?