08. August 2009 · 4 comments · Categories: Videos

A friend and colleague reminded me of Quartetto Gelato yesterday. She hadn’t heard of them, but another colleague was mentioning the death of the oboist, Cynthia Steljes. Such a loss, and such a beautiful player. So I went searching for some of their older videos.

You don’t get to hear her through this entire video, but there isn’t much on YouTube so here you go:


  1. Thanks for posting that, Patty! Such a great oboist, so sad.

  2. It really was incredibly sad.

    I hate hate hate cancer. Sigh.

  3. As a former aspiring oboeist and oral cancer survivor, I think ofter about Cynthia. I saw her perform twice in Bethlehem PA with the Quartetto. At the second event the members held a CD signing, and I had an opportunity to speak with her for a few moments. I told her that her exceptional playing caused me to replace my former hero, Harold Gomberg with her.
    When I heard of her untimely passing from Lung cancer, I turned to my wife and said, My God, all of those years of study an rehersal done in rooms soundproofed with asbetos… And remembered my many years doing the same… Truely sad indeed.

  4. She really was such an amazing musician. I wish I had had the opportunity to meet her.

    I hate to even think about those “asbestos rooms”. Sigh. And I remember using asbestos all the time in science class in high school as well … it was supposed to be a good and protective thing.