My carpool left San Jose early so we could get dinner up at the same place we bought dinner on Wednesday. Greens has some mighty yummy chili and I was really looking forward to it.

So much for that.

We got there only to find the little “to go” part of Greens isn’t open today. Sigh. So I had a chocolate chip cookie for dinner. How wonderful is that, before playing a 3 1/2 hour opera?

Yeah. About that much fun.

I got back in the door here at 12:50 AM. So this has been one very long time and I’m hungry but of course it’s a very bad idea to eat this late … um … early. Oh well!

The opera went fine. I can’t say I was thrilled with my playing, but I didn’t do anything so horrible I should be shot. So there you go.


  1. patti with an i

    i had that same experience once, around a different event. utterly deflating, it was. but!!!!! greens-to-go is open tomorrow until 4!!! so maybe i’ll see you in line there before we blast through cosi once more, with feeling.

    and you played great, by the way. i’ve known you long enough to know that you’re the queen of self-deprecating… but i also know you’re far too smart not to realize that trash-talking yourself like this is a) not good for you, and b) not based in reality. so, missy, one of these days i may have to sit you down and force you to listen to me reminisce about all the times i’ve been thrilled to be on the same stage where you just did something beautiful and memorable. so there. nyah.

  2. Heh … yeah, I do the self-deprecating thing a lot, I know. It’s really about protection; I’d rather diss myself before someone else does! 😉

    Mostly I was frustrated with my reeds. Gee, what a surprise! The first act felt really good (although I was angry about one thing I had), and when I pulled it out for act two things just went bonkers.

    And there is the reed life in a NUTshell! 🙂

    See you tomorrow!