I have read two blogs about Così. Ouch ouch ouch. One person left after 30 minutes of the dress rehearsal he attended (sounded as if he hated the staging), and the other said the orchestra was rotten.

I’m supposed to be able to deal with things like this, of course. So I’ll just attempt to be strong and shrug it off.

Yeah. Right.

I don’t write about what I think about staging or singers here when I’m involved in a production. I think it’s unwise to do so. I did enjoy these singers, and a few even yakked a bit with those of us who arrived in the pit early. I appreciate that, as some singers don’t give us the time of day. I played well today, if I dare say that. But when I read reviews that saw we were rotten (no, the word “rotten” wasn’t actually used) I go right back to my AwfulPattyPlace™ and wonder if I’m deceiving myself about how I play. Funny how that works.

(Do reviewers know how these thing work on our heads? Do they ever get harshly reviewed? I wonder.)

And yeah, these were blogs, not reviewers, but I’m guessing that we’ll get a few legit reviews and I’m not anticipating positive things. (I heard people in the audience today complaining about the staging.)

After the performance — when I was still in my happy place and feeling confident — we went out to dinner at B Star. It was really great food, and now I’m stuffed. I think this week I’d better eat light to make up for it.

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  1. This review looks pretty good to me, and you get personal mention for your solos!!!