Don’t forget: There are five free Target sponsored Symphony Silicon Valley concerts at SJSU beginning this weekend running through next Sunday.

I’ll be playing the first two concerts (The John Williams Film Scores Concert and the Family Concert). I’m not needed for Cleo Laine or the Beatles concert, and the “Brass Band” (confusing, since I was asked to play and I don’t think oboe is a brass instrument!) is on the same day as the second San Jose Chamber Orchestra concert so I opted out. (Yes, I could have done three services that day, but I was concerned that I’d be a mess by the SJCO concert.)

So … free concerts. Can’t argue over that price, eh?

Mercury article
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Here are the two I’m playing:

  • Saturday at 7 p.m.: John Williams film scores, from “E.T.” to “Harry Potter.”
  • Sunday at 3 p.m.: A family concert, with Lemony Snicket music (“The Composer Is Dead”) and harmonica virtuoso Robert Bonfiglio playing Gershwin. The orchestra will give away 1,200 harmonicas — again, all free — for a mass play-along.

    Nope, they aren’t handing out free oboes. Or even free oboe reeds. Too bad, eh?


    1. I put a link on my facebook thingie (still trying to get the hang of it, to be honest). As I just signed up yesterday, I don’t know that it will make a difference, but what the heck.

    2. Who knows? I haven’t a clue if what I put up here does any good either, but it never hurts to give it a go.