Check out this fine double reed playing by these younger musicians:


  1. I am all about ensemble, and these guys have it – even if they didn’t hit every single note (I’m not saying they didn’t, exactly :), they still sounded great because they were playing together. I’m impressed with that – there are a lot of adults who have been playing for years who still don’t get it. Although (and I’m possibly dating myself) I did find the casualness of their attire to be distracting – I’m not talking concert-black, but maybe long pants and a shirt with buttons?

  2. Oh, and I should probably mention that they all play better than I – some really nice ornamentation work in there, too.

  3. Very nice! And I do love “La ci darem”. It’s my second favorite Mozart duet (the first is “Bei Männern”).

  4. I’m not sure you’re dating yourself, Tim, as the clothing didn’t bother me a bit! Maybe you just like things more formal? I’m so weary of the formal I love the change. I also think they were at a music camp, although I can’t say for sure.

    And yes, they play very well!

    Oh I love that as well, Mike. Not my fave (I like the ones that make me cry. What can I say? I’m an oboe player!) … but so incredibly wonderful. I still shudder when I think about that comment an oboe student said about Mozart and how she just doesn’t like him at all. So so sad ….