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I played for my son’s high school’s production of Cats some years ago. It’s a musical I’ve never cared for. Playing it didn’t help. But I just read a blogger’s comments about her experience and I’m thinking, “Hey, this just might work!”:

I feel that Cats is best understood as a ballet on a poem by T.S. Eliot. After all, all sorts of nonsense goes on in ballets. If swans are OK, why not cats?

Gee … that might do it! Think of it as ballet. Yes. I like that idea. (Of course I still might not like it; there’s a lot of ballet I don’t like either, due to the lame music.)

She ended the blog with a choice comment, too:

There were a couple of older performers, at least I presume they are older, who sang virtually without reference to any particular pitch. I pretended they were cats.


Sorry … gotta put this up. Doesn’t mean you gotta listen, though:

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