Just recently on my excursions to San Francisco and then again to Rehoboth Beach I happened to get in a conversation with two guys, one in each city, and they both happened to be conductors. The conversations were fascinating. And later in our talks, it came up at the lack of funding alot of the symphonies and orchestras around were getting. The other problem was is that these groups are also finding it hard to find conductors, and for the matter, symphony members to play.

Hmmm. Lack of funding? Yes. But lack of “symphony members”. I’m not really sure that’s true. I believe there are too many qualified musicians compared to the number of openings. As to finding conductors … well … perhaps finding good conductors is the issue?!


  1. Wow… where do these symphonies exist? While I understand there are many overqualified woodwind players out there, perhaps there are less brass and or strings (although I highly doubt it). Maybe there are not enough people they feel are qualified. I know that in the last clarinet audition I took for a regional orchestra out of the lot of us auditioning a good number were from a very far distance (even from Canada!). I am working my butt off to try to play in an orchestra… maybe i’m just going about it the wrong way.

  2. The person who blogged isn’t a musician. She was talking to a couple of composers. I’d LOVE to know who she talked to. She is very wrong. Truly.

  3. hmmm… perhaps the composers she spoke to actually said that they were having a hard time finding orchestras, conductors, or musicians willing to play their pieces, or willing to pay the fees necessary to receive the performance rights?

    where on earth do you find these things anyway, patty with a y?

  4. But she was talking to *conductors* … slightly diff?!

    I find these things through wasting a ton of time at the computer! 😉