05. September 2009 · Comments Off on One Long Day · Categories: Ramble

This morning I woke up knowing I had a long day ahead. I always have students Saturday morning, so that’s not anything new, but after that I was going to my friends’ house to be a model.

Yes. Really. Me!

It wasn’t about my face, though … well, not much of my face, anyway. It was about my instruments, my hands, and my embouchure. Oh … and my reeds! Uh-oh. Now pictures of my reeds will be seen. (If I’d known they needed those I would have brought the ones I buy from Mike Adduci to have on hand for my students!)

These friends are putting together a website at which they will be selling shaper tips, gougers, and other oboe and English horn reed making equipment. I saw a prototype of the site and it’s looking very nice. At the top of the home page I guess you’ll be snippets of yours truly. I just hope whoever doctors up the pictures makes my embouchure look good and my hands look younger. 😉

After playing model for an hour I raced home to change for another dear friend’s 60th birthday party. She’s a musician too, so we were told we could bring our instruments. Ten years ago, when she had a party, I declined the instrument part, but this time I went for it. Aside from the first piece I played which sat horribly with the fingers (for sight reading anyway) and was actually a flute part, I had a great time! What wonderful fun to get together with other musicians and just enjoy good food, wine and music with very little stress. (Yes, I still do feel a wee bit of stress … guess it’s in my nature, eh?)

So it was a lot of socializing for this hermit, and all in one day. I’m one happy but extremely exhausted person right now. Tomorrow it’s back to the opera pit for a fourth round of Manon. This time the singers will do all the staging and be in costume. (Wish I could see ’em.)

Click here. … and I’m not even ashamed to share it.


I’m performing with what was called Santa Cruz Chamber Orchestra at the time, with Maya Barsacq on the podium. The group has since been renamed to Cadenza. I would love to perform with them again!