What is the difference between the English Horn and the Tuba?

Really. Someone asked this question. So far I see no answer.


  1. Too funny…! Where do you even begin? Size, color, material, sound, mouthpiece?

  2. I’m going to guess the person mean French horn. But even then …??!!

  3. I was going to post something like “The tuba is the largest of the brass instruments; it has a conical bore and the sound is produced by vibrating the column of air inside the instrument by “buzzing” the lips. The English horn, on the other hand, is a much smaller woodwind instrument – the middle or alto voice of the most common double-reed instruments – where the vibration which creates the sound is actually created by blowing air through a pair of curved cane slices (reeds) tied together into a sort-of elliptical shape.

    Plus, you put your shoes on when you jump on a…oh, wait, wrong joke, never mind.”

    But I didn’t want to sign up for an account.