… on my way home from the opera dress rehearsal I heard my first ad for The Nutcracker. (For San Francisco Ballet.)

I can’t tell you how sad that made me.

It’s still September … right?

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I’ll never forget Brandon waking me up to tell me that something awful was happening in New York City, and that a plane flew into one of the World Trade Center buildings. We had visited there the year before, and I even (mistakenly) wound up on the top of one of the buildings. (I didn’t realize that we were going outside and I had to focus on the center of the top of the building in order not to totally freak.) Dan or Brandon filmed our little outing up there. We still have that video recording. I couldn’t believe a building could reach so high.

I couldn’t believe anything could come crashing down like that either.

We sat watching the TV in absolute shock as both buildings collapsed. The kids did go go to school that day, but we were all in a very surreal place no matter where we were.

And then I had to play an opera. Falstaff, of all things. It was Opera San José’s first opera of the season (though not opening night), but unlike some years we hadn’t playing the Star Spangled Banner on opening night because we were told that it interfered with the pre-show antics on stage. Well, on September 11, 2001 the Star Spangled Banner was put back in, and was played every single performance after that for the run of Falstaff. (They nixed the pre-show.)

That night was unreal. I couldn’t believe we were still going to play the opera. From what I’ve heard since, we may very well have been the only Bay Area company to not cancel the show. I cried during the Star Spangled Banner. And then it was back to work.

Tonight Dan and I are going to the opening night of San Francisco Opera, to see and hear Il Trovatore. I don’t know if 9/11 will be acknowledged at this point. But I’m sure none of us will ever forget that awful day.

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me playing english horn: win. me playing oboe: fail.