… on my way home from the opera dress rehearsal I heard my first ad for The Nutcracker. (For San Francisco Ballet.)

I can’t tell you how sad that made me.

It’s still September … right?


  1. I heard it on the way to lunch today. Feh! as we say in Yiddish. Dare we hope that this is just a brief blitz capitalizing on the openings of everyone else’s seasons, or do you think we’ll be hearing it every day from now through most of December? Shoot me now.

  2. Oh, I suspect we are doomed, Patti. Doomed, doomed, doomed.

    But do keep in mind I’m a pessimistic oboe player! 😉

  3. I too, was very disappointed not to see you & Dan’s picture in SF Gate. What’s WRONG with these people???

  4. You know, I’m just stunned, Cameron. Next year … I’ll keep dreaming! 😉

    (And I see you managed to log on! … but I’m guessing you maybe meant to put this comment elsewhere? 🙂

    Btw, I wanna hear about South Pacific; does the oboe player still get to be the morse code? I’m going to guess not, but it was always fun to do.