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I didn’t plan on practicing a whole lot today, but I did know I should do a bit. Of course I procrastinated and didn’t begin until shortly before student #1. Typical me! But I did get in a bit of work. Then I taught, and went back to practicing after that. (I have some tough stuff for the recital.)


The reeds felt awful today. How can I feel so great about reeds at opera one day, and then hate everything the next? So it was a “step away from the oboe” kind of day.

Now I do admit I’m not really using my main opera reeds, but you’d think other reeds would cooperate, wouldn’t you? Well. They didn’t.

So tomorrow morning must be a reed-centric morning. I had planned on doing the house cleaning I skipped today (Manon just made me too darn tired!), but that will have to wait. And wait. And wait. I think it may be one of “those” weeks.

I would like the reed fairy (or fairies … I’ll take more than one!) to get to work. NOW.

Not only do I have some major oboe stuff in opera right now, but I have English horn in the upcoming Symphony Silicon Valley set and then I move back to oboe on Cenerentola, which overlaps with the faculty recital at UCSC. Oh, and somewhere in there I have a Chinese Cantata concert as well. Work is GREAT. I’d better not start whining. Right?

Work is great,
I mustn’t whine,
but reeds are scarce
and make me pine
for one reed ace
(or make that two!)
who’d do the work
that I should do.

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