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Scott MacClelland reviews Manon for the Metro.

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Some people have been confused by this blog, because posts might appear while I should be at work. Do I blog while teaching? No. Do I blog on stage? No. Do I blog in the pit? No. Do I blog while sleeping? No. Do I blog while practicing and making reeds? Well. Um. Okay. Maybe sometimes.

I can blog and then decide when that entry gets published. This way I don’t put a million things up at once. Only close to a million. Just so you know.

This particular post, however, is being posted immediately after I write it. 🙂

You know that the oboe is the most expensive rental and the hardest instrument to learn, right?

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Teachers say pupils are conducting themselves much better since their school started piping classical music into the toilets.

Pupils are treated to French, German or African music while they use the loos at Sweyne Park School, Rayleigh, Essex.

Steven Smith, learning environment leader, said: “The behaviour in the toilets has generally not been brilliant over the years. Now, we don’t have reports about issues there and there is no graffiti.”

I read it here, I’m sorry to say. 😉


… and stay tuned for more!

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Remember when I wrote about the Chicago Symphony flutist moving over the LA? Well, the LA Times clarifies things for us.

I guess this must be unusual in anything other than the music world? It just seems so wise to me to not let go of one gig until you’ve got a guarantee in another, and know that it’s a good match for you. So maybe this is one area where musicians have it good, eh?