If you misbehave she will notice and I get to enjoy the results! 🙂

The woman in Row L Seat 7 of the orchestra got a text message on her iPhone at the end of the second movement and she updated her Facebook page during much of the following Feierlich und gemessen, ohne zu schleppen. Naturally she clapped quite heartily at the end and joined in for the standing ovation.

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By Mort Levine, of the Milpitas Post.

My somewhat pathetic tribute to yours:

so much depends
some good oboe
shaped and water
beside the sharp

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well you add fodder for the cannon in my other oboe stereotype. Female oboists are almost always short.

(Hmmm. I’m 5’8″.)

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(There are) some things that, no matter how much you practice, they’re never going to be as comfortable as what you would like …. I think almost everybody has that little solo that brings them upright in their bed in the middle of the night. Yeah, there’s some things you just have to keep practicing because you know that if you don’t, it’s going to backslide … the mechanical parts about it are like housekeeping – you know when dust is falling here, you are dusting over there, and the dust is falling wherever you haven’t dusted, and you’ve got to go back again and again and again, and its never over. And it’s that way until the last day you play your instrument – you’re just going to have to grind out certain aspects of performance on the instrument. So you may not look forward to it, but you know you have to do it.

-Grover Schiltz

I found this via this link. Robyn Dixon Costa’s thesis. Very interesting reading!

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You might ask, well, what the heck is an English Horn? My answer would be: it’s the alto voice of the oboe family. And if you then ask: what is an oboe? Well, I’m afraid I’ll take a monkey wrench and club you over the head with it.

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