18. September 2009 · Comments Off on Just Too Darn Funny · Categories: Oboe, Videos

I was looking up videos on YouTube, thinking I should post something oboe-y. One of the first to appear included THIS comment:

its not that hard it just takes practice im in 8th grade and i can play this? song

Know what the young (foolish) writer is writing about? Mozart’s Oboe Concerto. Sorry, but the kiddo hasn’t a clue. In so many ways. Not. A. Clue.

Oh well.

I don’t make comments about the videos I find. I only post them. Sometimes I’m in love with them. Sometimes not. You can probably guess what I’m thinking about some — and why I might post some for odd reasons or goofy reasons or spectacular reasons — but I’m sure you can’t guess about all. But no matter what I think about a performance, I doubt I’d ever call a “song” easy … and certainly not the Mozart concerto.

Here’s the video that included the above quote (a different interpretation than I’ve ever heard, to be sure):

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