Our base salary is $30,000 for a full-time musician. Our management is insisting that we must take an 8 percent cut. Yet, a staff member making up to $50,000 is only taking a 2.5 percent cut. The final offer of the management would also eliminate our pension.

We find this to be unfair and punitive. But in light of economic uncertainty, and in the interest of labor peace, the musicians are willing to take cuts, as long as recovery can be built into the term of the contract. This offer has been rejected.

However, there are even more complicated issues than money remaining.

Management has “attached” to its final offer more than 80 other “work-related” items. These include:

The option not to use musicians for particular concerts that are required by the composer, if management determines that they aren’t “important.”

This last sentence is especially disturbing to me.



  1. Very disturbing.

  2. they have also cut the sarasota music festival for next summer 🙁

  3. Very sad, Gabrielle. It doesn’t sound good … sigh …