… and I’m tired! But wired. Typical.

I began with UCSC. I had to be there at 9:45 to meet a student, so I left home at about 8:15. It doesn’t really take 1 1/2 hours to get to campus, but I allow extra time for traffic. After meeting with one student and teaching another I had a faculty lunch and meeting. Then it was off to meet three more students, and then head over to orchestra wind auditions. Finally, at about 4:00, I headed back over the hill.

I got home, dealt with some college business with Jameson (thank you Instant Message!) and then dressed in black. Dan and I met up at Aqui for dinner. The sad thing was I couldn’t even really enjoy the meal; I was just too frazzled. Then I headed over to the opera.

I have a friend who deals with this sort of busy day all the time (hi dk!). I can’t even imagine!

So now it’s nearly midnight and I’m home but, as I said, I’m wired. Go figure.

The opera tonight went well, but I was in ReedAgonyLand™. I’m hopeful that no one could tell. It’s our job to make whatever we have work … right? I used four different reeds, and nothing felt good to me. But with this horrible heat I guess that’s not surprising. I think tomorrow will be spent working on reeds. That’s what it should be spent doing, in any case.

Manon has grown on me, but the darn girl dies every time. Silly.

Oboe rant: brand new yamaha 241 without a forked f vent. What were you thinking, Yamaha?!

(I believe they were thinking “beginning oboe” … and this is one of several reasons I never suggest a student purchase a beginning oboe. It’s also missing the left F and low B flat so why bother? It’s a waste of money.)