Oboe rant: brand new yamaha 241 without a forked f vent. What were you thinking, Yamaha?!

(I believe they were thinking “beginning oboe” … and this is one of several reasons I never suggest a student purchase a beginning oboe. It’s also missing the left F and low B flat so why bother? It’s a waste of money.)


  1. I read that same tweet and went, “That’s a BEGINNER oboe. Yamaha makes good oboes!”

    I have been drooling over a Kingwood professional model that my prof Jim has for a while, now.

  2. I don’t think beginning oboes should even exist! Left F appears within the first or second month of playing, so bad habit is immediately developed. Sad. 🙁

    I have heard that Yamaha makes good professional models. I just wish they would make such horrible “beginner” models.